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October 26, 2009

Decrepit Appliances

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The 1st in a series



Last night I dreamed that I found an extra room in my house.  I immediately began planning how to use this bonus room and how to decorate it. Then, I opened the closet and, low and behold, a brand new refrigerator.  Beautiful, tall, massive drawer space, and unstained doors. This was too good to be true.

I opened the gleaming doors — every shelf was filled to busting with beer – and not just any beer, but Keystone Light. For those of you who aren’t married to misers, this is THE cheapest beer out there.

Then I knew. My husband had known about this “secret” room all along. And, to make matters much, much worse, he was making me use the old refrigerator, while he was hoarding the new one for his crummy beer.

When I woke up, I was pissed. (Don’t you hate that when you’re angry at someone for something they did in your dream?)

Not because there’s really a secret room in my house with gorgeous new appliances, (if there was, I’d be pretty darn pleased) but because there’s a kitchen, a very visible one, that I use every single day  with appliances older than me, possibly older than my oldest sister, who’s almost a decade older than me. I don’t just make dinner, I make everything. I make my own cereal, my own bread, my own mayonnaise. I’m in that kitchen almost all day long…

The refrigerator, ironically, is the least of my problems. But you’ll have to read about the other decrepit appliances in blogs to come.

So I married a miser? It’s better than marrying an ax murderer… I think.


  1. OK I read your blog it was for the recipes and although I enjoyed all the blogs I chose to respond to this one! Why do you ask, well the reasons are simple;one my husband also enjoys the frugal taste of Keystone Light,still tastes like pee to me,and two this was the one blog without comments so I felt sorry for it, the blog was certainly worth reading and I thought it hilarious. I can sympathize with you on several levels. I too dream of an extra room in my house. It doesn’t have a refrigerator but my extra room is spotless and full of crystal. There are no cobwebs and unfolded laundry that everyone chooses to sit on instead of fold. Those are the kind of dreams that piss me off. My husband drinks loads of cheap beer and I have your husband to thank for it. Mind you he always drank, but it was out of a glass bottle not a can! Also I heard your dearest husband took offense to the dream. I don’t see anything in the blog that makes him different from any other man. I opened my real fridge just last night and asked my own dear husband, who happened to be on his hands and knees laying “my new hardwood floor”, if I could remove the carton of his 30 pack of Coors light out of the fridge to make room for food. His response was, don’t you dare! So I closed the door of the fridge, which is in my foyer for the moment(month) and went to dream of the day when my fridge has it’s own little room that doesn’t block my front door!!! P.S. Don’t tell Mike about the Coors, Key Market didn’t have Keystone. Still tastes like pee…

    Comment by Stacey Masetti — November 6, 2009 @ 2:28 pm

  2. Hillarious! Your hubbie s such a traitor to the Keystone! I, personally, can’t wait until my whole kitchen is turned upside down like yours. Remodle, remodle, such a love-hate relationship…

    Comment by serena — November 8, 2009 @ 4:12 pm

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