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December 7, 2009

About My Categories

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As you know, the blog is about all the things that a woman deals with — from her job (mine is writing) to her passtimes (mine is reading) to parenting and beauty. You name it, I cover it. If you aren’t a woman — well, you’ll enjoy some of the other categories — such as recipes, the writing life, and literary flings and affairs.

The Writing Life is all about my ideas and experiences as I try to make a living writing. It’s hard. What else can I say? A lot. Read the blog!

Literary Flings and Affairs is all about my past and presentĀ ”relationships” with literature. You’ll read about one night stands, dark seductions, and rebounds… and more. Read the blog!

Parenting is all about dealing with the emotional ups and down of raisingĀ 2.75 kids — the poodle is the .75. I also share some great ideas that get them eating things like veggies. Read the blog!

Beauty is all about that age-old backstabbing pal called Beauty. You know the girl. She’s everything you love and hate and want to be. Read the blog!

Married to a Miser is my way of coping with being married to a miser. For you, you’ll read lots of ways to save money because you want to — whereas I have to. Read the blog!

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